We believe in independents

Thousands of products. Local suppliers and stores. Next day & same day delivery.

Chef Market was founded with a passion for local restaurants and a lofty objective: to reinvent wholesale ordering and delivery for restaurants, bars, caterers, coffee shops, and other small food businesses to offer quality local products at affordable prices on-demand.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: the traditional foodservice distribution model was built for large institutions not independent restaurants. 

As a local restaurant owner herself, Wendy (founder of Chef Market) became frustrated with the inconsistent pricing and limited options of the current model, not to mention the headaches from getting shorted products, chasing down specialty items or driving around to pick up last minute items.  

We started Chef Market to fill that gap.

Chef Market steps outside the traditional model with an on-demand delivery service. Our independent drivers pick up from will call at our network of wholesale suppliers and stores, so you can easily order and get delivery of those missing items for last-minute needs, small orders, or hard-to-find products. And our pre-negotiated contracts and flat pricing means even the smallest businesses have access to a wide range of products at affordable prices.  

There’s nothing complicated about it.  We believe in independents. 

Always Growing

Independent restaurants and local suppliers ❤️ Chef Market because we’re never done growing. We are continually adding new quality suppliers, unique products, and more features. 

Looking for something specific?  Reach out to us directly and we’ll track it down for you. 

Have a supplier, producer or store you’d like to see in our network?  Send us a note and let us know.


What are you waiting for?